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Investment Process

Regal Capital Partners announces that a deal/opportunity is open for funding, usually via email. You review the investment summary deck and decide to invest.

You submit your soft commitment, informing Regal Capital Partners how much you’d like to invest. Regal Capital Partners confirms your spot in the deal and sends you the PPM (private placement memorandum) for review and signatures.

After signing the PPM, you wire in your funds. Regal Capital Partners confirms that your funds have been received and will let you know what to expect next.

After we've received your funds, your active participation is done. Once the deal closes, you can sit back and wait for the cash flow to start rolling in per the terms of each deal.

You should start receiving quarterly updates once the deal closes. These updates will include information on the latest progress of the property. Every spring during tax season, you will receive a Schedule K-1 for your taxes, which will report your share of the income and losses for the property. You will give this to your CPA.

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